Custom Cakeslavackdesign

Full size cakes are available in any of our flavors and are priced as follows based on standard decorating.  Our cakes are baked to order and made fresh the day of pick up.  All cake orders must be prepaid due to the custom nature.

The below prices are based on a buttercream frosted cake filled with either buttercream, cream cheese or a specialty filling (with the exception of a fresh fruit filling which is an additional cost).

  • 6” Double Layer – starting at $28.00
  • 8” Double Layer – starting at $38.00
  • 10” Double Layer – starting at $50.00
  • 13” x 9” (quarter slab) – starting at $60.00

Cupcake Cakes

Cupcake cakes can be designed for you with a minimum of 12 cupcakes. The cost of a cupcake cake is from $2.00 per cupcake to $3.50 per cupcake.


Our cupcake bouquet is done with at least a dozen regular size cupcakes and are $48 picked up or $58.00 delivered. Note- as they are “top heavy” we strongly suggest that you bring a friend with you to hold on to your bouquet while driving. It just may not stay stable on the floor of a moving car!

Fondant covered?

Yes we do cover cakes with fondant and customize as much as you require. As the possibilities are endless, we will have to custom quote fondant cakes.